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Army Surplus UK

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Army Navy Surplus

Army navy surplus clothing clothing originally manufactured for the Ministry of Defence tends to be made to the highest possible standards and is therefore extremely hard wearing and robust and suitable for wearing day after day, whether worn as a fashion item or as work clothing.

As they were designed to protect soldiers from the elements during all types of weather, army navy surplus clothing will provide protection and keep you warm and dry in all weathers. Another reason for buying army navy surplus is that they will not be out of fashion in a week or two and being so durable should last for many years.


Many of todays fashion items are highly priced where the bulk of the price can often be just because of the brand name. Top designer brands keep their prices high to maintain exclusivity. There is no such competition with name brand recognition, with camo gear so if you are looking for comfortable, affordable and durable clothing that never goes out of fashion army navy surplus has to be a great choice whether brand new items or used.


The camouflage pattern current used by the British Armed Forces is known as a Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM). It was first introduced in the 1960’s and the main usage is a four-colour woodland pattern with which comprises of black, dark brown, mid-green and a dark sand colours. This creates a very effective camouflage that has survived with little changes for over 40 years. Why not add a little face paint to finish off with?

A two-colour variant in tan and brown is used mainly in desert regions because the four-colour version is used by some Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq. A jungle version also exists where the colours are brighter. It isn’t just clothing that is camouflaged, Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) such as rucksacks now sport DPM colouring and often has an Infra-red Reflective (IRR) coating to reduce visibility to night vision devices.

Versatile army wear

Off to a fancy dress party, why not purchase a complete uniform from an army navy surplus store? With such reasonable prices, it doesn’t make sense to just hire for an evening when buying means it can be used time and time again. British army and air force uniforms are available as are many military uniforms from around the world for both men and women.

Army Surplus Clothing

It isn’t just adults that want to wear . A range of children’s army surplus camouflage (camo gear) clothing has been specially produced. The most popular with children are the combat jackets, kids assult vests, kids combat clothing. Now your own little soldier can look the part in replica army navy surplus items that look just like the real thing.